Style History


Free Style Kung Fu is one of thirteen styles of Kung Fu in the country that is open to all techniques, it does not Vmmnvyty . Style Master Chief Darius Nazarzadeh years of battlefield honor the hard years of captivity Vrfany had founded this style .training time , and the same number Nfrdrsth Kshvrmshghvl Azasart were active . Professor Zadeh considers his style of official activities began in 2000 and today many people are taking advantage of Kung Fu Free Martial Arts . This style was later found in a special position among women . So women group that Sayyed F. Rafii Anhaastad through Toa of compilations that had already proven their competence and have been elected as vice president . The style is derived from the spirit of Islamic Culture, Philosophy brave hearts light of the evidence claim. These styles with cool weapons and defense systems, various forms and combinations are very personal struggle with the method Jdydbh Dear students are taught . Logo light on the earth has opened Tsvyryk S. Babalhay also marks the release of this logo is Nmadayranyan Vazadgy fancy and beautiful Iranian tricolor flag with pride and freedom to see it Hrjvanmrdy Mydhdastfadh is the ionic form of the color of light is a sign of freedom . This style of Kung Fu called free memory iranian were in captivity has been named in the style of the people attending the events were injection molded Honoredmedal .

This style does not technically ban on traditional campaign and is completely free but the Federation Championships ( open and semi- open , and individual art forms and views) to act in accordance with federal regulations Competitions and their implementations

This style is quite active in 28 provinces and three provinces are operating and expanding as soon as will enable all provinces

The emergence of this style, based on the needs of the Iraqi prison and felt that it was necessary to deal with any enemy buildup was armed to the teeth , have been developed . This forms the basis of this design style based on the individual ingredients and techniques based campaign to students from all parts of the body to use the special conditions . All texts and techniques of this style with great professionals such as doctor Sayyed Abbas Paknejad – doctor Ali creator and the great man and the myth of cultural and ideological resistance to late Hojjatoleslam Seyed Ali Akbar Abu Turab step by step during the captivity and has evolved to a ‘s . After passing years and use ideological and cultural experiences – These major medical and scientific founder and light combat experience in all aspects of development and recurrent evaluations God raised the art of this style and licensure caled the free kung-fu (KUNG FU free ) finally established under martial Arts Federation and Federation styles of Kung Fu Federation 13 stylse and over 17,000 students currently coaches and referees will work in this style .

This style has a form of unarmed self-defense in the form of individual weapons , forms and fighting cold weapons such as – Nanchykv pairs and singles – Sanchykv – Tonfa – Sai – sword – stick with short and long – two wood – chain – Single Table pair knife – sharp weapon – the ax is. Innovative weapons in light of the technical council and chairman of the board light and light weapons placed in the chart and coined the name of the person will be recorded.

Bodybuilding Kung Fu takes place in the tissues of the affected area will be expanded and strengthened .

Description of the statute to the effect of the forms and names of the techniques described in detail in the light of the scriptures teach a combination of hand and foot fighting battles rises to the level of black on black and . Forms and techniques taken from the body to defend and attack wildlife and its principle is based on the principles of the 5 animal kung fu . Sciences , mathematical sciences – Anatomy – Physiology  to help from six senses and reinforced concrete signs that are cited in this style

Can you knew that being rich and forgiveness and gad greatest gift that can be given to you. Thanksgiving and we appreciate God’s blessings knowing that sitting and tell  we are Grateful  and thus interpreted.                                                

   When you like a hawk in the sky flying birds of prey to poor mercy     

 WhenGodgivesyou thestrengthtobe just                                                

When life was hard for you to remember to persevere because God helps His servants                                                                                           

Thanks :     yours faithfully   ground master of free kung fu    

Nazarzadeh .O. Daryoush